Tanzania Entry Requirements

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Tanzania Entry Requirements Well before embarking on any trip or journey to a foreign country one has to meet certain requirements and obtain a couple of documents so as to gain entry into that particular country of choice.

The united republic of Tanzania requires its visitors/tourists to have a valid passport and avail it before an immigration control officer at our many checkpoints be it at the airport, harbor or any border crossing station. Below we take a look and tackle many of the frequently asked questions brought forward by our first timers to the country.

1. Entry

Apart from having a valid passport to one should make sure that they have the following too-:

         A valid visa or

         Resident permit or


NB: please be advised that one must also present a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the visit in Tanzania

2. Visas

          • It’s a document given to any foreigner intending to visit Tanzania either for studies, business, leisure or any other permitted activities.

          • One can apply for a visa at their respective home country through the Tanzania embassy/consulate or at an entry point in Tanzania.

          • While in the country a visitor may choose to prolong their stay or get a pass by seeing an immigration control officer.

3. who’s required to apply for a visa

          • Unless of a visa abolition consensus with Tanzania all Non-commonwealth citizens are required to apply for a visa.

          • Citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, The republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are all required to apply for a visa unless they are citizens of commonwealth countries of which they are exempted to do so.

4. Visa categories

Tanzania has five types of visas that can gain you entry into its borders:

i. ordinary visa

Issued at any Tanzania border entry or at their respective embassy/consulate at country of visitors residence.

ii. Carrying or Temporary assignment(CTA)

It’s issued to visitors making feasibility studies, establishment of business contacts, initial investment activities. Its validity being 2 months and usually issued at point of entry

iii. Multiple entry visa

Visitors intending to make frequent business or investment trips need to apply for multiple entry visas with its validity ranging from 3 months to 1 year, with its application usually made on behalf of the visitor to the director of immigration.

iv. Referred visa

This kind of visa is permitted by the director of immigration services or by his assistant in Zanzibar. Citizens of the following countries are eligible to so;- Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Yemen, Pakistan, Morocco, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Liberia, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Syria, refugees and any other Non-status entities. This list may change from time to time as listed by the authorities, for any other queries please contact your nearest Tanzania mission at country of residence.

v. Transit visa

It’s a visa granted to a person moving from one entry point to the next exit point without any intentions of visiting the country and usually one must submit a valid ticket, sufficient funds and an entry visa to the country of destination. Special clearance will be needed for persons mentioned above (4.iv).

5. Border entry and visa issuance

Tanzania missions abroad

United Republic of Tanzania:- Horohoro, Namanga, Sirari, Kigoma port, Julias K. Nyerere international Airport (JKNIA), Kilimanjaro International Airport, Zanzibar International Airport (ZIA) and Zanzibar Harbor.

Office of the director of immigration services Dar es Salaam and assistants office of immigration services Zanzibar.

6. Visa tariffs

          • Holiday and ordinary visa - $50

          • Multiple visa (6 months – 1 year) - $100 (3month visa) - $50

          • Business visa - $250

          • Transit visa - $30

For any queries visitwww.immigration.go.tz

7. Visa extension

One may extend their visa from 3 months for up to 6 months at a time at the immigration office Dar es Salaam.

8. Visa tariffs

Foreigners can apply for such if are employed by Tanzanian company, long term employment as missionaries or volunteers. Application through immigration department or through their online portal.


Other requirements

Work permits

Application is made to the ministry of labor, employment and youth development. This must be done prior to travelling to Tanzania.

Filming License

If one is planning to carry filming equipment due to the nature of their visit, then it is mandatory that they apply for such a license at their country of origin prior to their visit.

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