Selous Game Reserve

Tanzania, situated in south-east Africa is widely known for its immensely bio-diverse wildlife conservations, game and forest reserves. The country which attracts a massive number of global tourists has about 16 national parks which bear testimony to its huge natural wealth. However, it’s practically impossible to visit all the wildlife reserves when you are in Tanzania, but worry no more, we have suggestions for you!

Selous Game Reserve, named after an English big game hunter and conservationist Frederick Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa. It is also arguably the second largest wildlife conservation in the continent. Unlike the Ngorongoro National Park where the Masaai tribe and the wildlife co-exist harmoniously, in Selous, human habitation is prohibited. But the abundance of flora and fauna surrounding the Selous Game Reserve more than makes up for it and entices the tourists to visit.

image of flora and fauna in selous game reserve

Wildlife, Flora and Fauna

Nurtured in the lush-green Savannah bush, Acacia grassland and the expansive Miombo woodlands, there live a diverse species of creatures in the Game Reserve. There are over 2000 species of vegetation spread around this place; in addition to that 350 species of birds are bound to attract the eyes of the bird watcher.

Elephants are another attraction of the Selous Game Reserve. When the Reserve was founded, it used to harbor the densest population of elephants in the continent, numbering about 110,000. But poaching elephants for ivory has reduced the number at an alarming rate ever since.

Apart from the typical Savannah animals, like, elephants, Masaai lions, wild dogs, cheetahs, buffaloes, giraffes and zebras, there are also big games, like, gnu, antelope, eland, kudu, waterbuck, lion, leopard and so on.

image of walking safari boat in selous gane reserve

Walking Safari and Boat Safari

Walking safari in the Selous Game Reserve should be in the checklist for the tourists and it provides the complete experience of visiting and understanding the wildlife in Africa. It is one of the most peaceful wildlife conservations in the continent and you cannot perceive the beauty of the calm atmosphere unless you walk around the Reserve.

Boat safari should also be on your agenda as a tourist, for, there are many lakes and rivers surrounding this diverse landscape. River Rufiji and Lake Manze are very famous for boat safaris. Gliding through the water body on a boat enables you to be even closer to nature, see the birds, and the reptiles. It also allows you the opportunity to spot the big games that come to the lake or river shores to drink water and bathe, especially at the end of the dry season.

Selous Game Reserve is undoubtedly a dream holiday location for the adventurous tourists. You can also go for camping in this area, sleeping inside mosquito tents in the middle of the wide grassland, gazing at the sky full of sparkling stars, listening closely to each and every sound coming from the forests; and if you are lucky, you might just find yourself looking at the elephants bathing in the river on a moonlit night!.

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