Join Group for Bawe Sandbank Tour + Prison Island

Sandbank Tour & Prison island

Sandbank Tour famously ( Nakupenda) located 30 minutes from the old city of stone town also known as Zanzibar Town, is fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways which lead past numerous old houses and mosques, the sandbank appear and disappear depends on the low tide and high tide of the Indian Ocean, it's a perfect place to visit and experience the beauty of the Zanzibar Bawe sandbank

We organize full-day Bawe sandbank tour from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm with seafood lunch.

Prison Island is a small island 5.6 km north-west of Stone Town, The island is around 800m long and 230m wide at its broadest point.

The Existence of endangered Aldabra giant tortoises which were originally a gift from the British governor of Seychelles makes it worth to visit.

Prices include lunch with seafood, tropical fruits, soft drinks, snorkeling equipment and tour guide who speaks your language.

Additional Charges: Transfer Service.

Price start from 45$ for more than 5 pax.